Blog - Legionella Free Water Mist Fire Extinguisher

Jewel Saffire have received independent third party certification that our ground breaking new Water Mist extinguisher is legionella free.

Working in partnership with Euro Environmental Ltd in Doncaster an independent testing company and specialists in testing for legionella Jewel Saffire submitted samples of 1 Litre, 3 Litre and 6 Litre extinguishers in the water mist product range which were tested after 6 months and also 12 months. The results of both tests proved that the water in the extinguishers was free from legionella.

In a real fire situation the water turns to steam and will evaporate but some people express concerns for breathing in the fine water mist droplets if extinguishers are misused or used in none fire situations.

'This is an important part of our development of the water mist extinguisher and this testing process is on-going' explains Mike Ditanna Director Jewel Saffire. 'End users with particular concerns about legionella can now be re assured that after 12 months the products are free from Legionella and they can ask their service and maintenance providers to change the water during the annual service and maintenance inspection if they want peace of mind beyond 12 months'

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