Blog - South Coast University adopts revolutionary fire extinguisher.

South Coast University adopts revolutionary fire extinguisher.

A South Coast university has become among the first to take advantage of revolutionary new technology in fire extinguishers.
The British produced E-Series extinguisher, made by Nottinghamshire specialists, Jewel Fire, works on the basis of producing a super-fine mist as a way of extinguishing a range of fires, negating the need for any public place to carry multiple extinguishers.

The University of Sussex has now become the first UK University, with 52 installed and commission serviced by Pyrotec Fire Protection Ltd for its newly-constructed academic site in Brighton.
The University of Sussex facilities head of maintenance is Neil Troak. He said: 'Once we were introduced to the extinguisher and saw it perform in tests against all types of fire situations, there seemed little in our way in introducing the E-series as the extinguisher of choice here.
'The number one priority remains the safety of our 13,000 students and staff and this is an extinguisher we believe offers the quickest and simplest way to put out fires.

The fact that we were able to install one simple water mist extinguisher instead of the usual foam and carbon dioxide units in every location of the building presented substantial long-term cost savings for us.'

With the extinguisher now having passed a number of safety tests, including receiving its British Safety Standards Kite Mark, it is anticipated a number of other education establishments across the UK may follow suit.

It works in a similar way to traditional extinguishers, but produces a super-fine 'dry' mist to smother most types of fires, including chip pans and even electrical fires.
Keith Holmes, technical director at Jewel Fire, said: 'We are thrilled to see Sussex University share our vision of providing simplified, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly extinguisher solutions.'

'This has taken some time for us to develop, but we truly believe we have a product that will start to change the thinking behind common fire safety in public arenas, offices and workspaces up and down the country.'

Steve Kingsnorth, Managing director of Pyrotec Fire Protection Ltd introduced the University of Sussex to the new E-Series extinguisher. He said: 'The E-series will make a big impact on the fire safety on most buildings throughout the UK.

'As well as the long-term cost savings, eco-credentials play a major part too. The disposal of the previous foam and Co2 units, and their on-going service requirements, can be harmful to the environment. Water units like this carry no such concerns.'

Jewel Fire and its parent company, Jewel Saffire, is located just outside Nottingham and is one of the largest independent trade manufacturer of fire products in the UK.

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