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Our range of product test videos are available for you to watch here. Check back often for new additions to the site.


Here is an official test of our E-Series Portable Fire Extinguisher - the only extinguisher that uses 100% water that is capable of extinguishing Class A, B, C and F Class Fires, it also has a conductivity rating of 1000 Volts - unheard of when using water as an extinguishing medium.

E-Series Fire Test Day

E-Series Fire Test Day 2

 E-Series Fire Test Day 3




Here is the test video for our 27A 6L AFFF Extinguisher - The highest rated 6L Extinguisher in Europe!


Below is the test video for our 6L AFFF 144B Rating.


Here is the 2Kg CO2 Extinguisher 34B Rating test video


Our 1Kg ABC Powder 13A Test video can be viewed below



Here you can see our 6Kg ABC Powder Fire extinguisher going throught the 183B Test.

Finally, here is our Jewel Saffire 9L Water fire extinguisher going through the 21A test.


For information & videos about our Jewel Fire Systems you can visit the video page on our new website here.


Alternatively, you can speak to our sales team on 01709 703 223, Email us at: or contact us.

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