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Introduction to Jewel Fire Systems

Jewel Saffire Products Ltd are a leading manufacturer of fire extinguishers and fire safety products. With the technical knowledge, infrastructure & customer demand it was a natural progression for the company to follow the requirement to set up a fire systems division known as Jewel Fire Systems.

We have split the systems into 5 main categories:

1.    Specific application systems (such as engines, boats, generators, IT servers),
2.    Total flooding systems (for larger applications),
3.    Stand alone hose reel systems (such as ships, factories, airports),
4.    Rapid response vehicles (first line fire fighting solution),
5.    Kitchen systems (for commercial kitchens & restaurants).

We are utilising one of the industries most progressive patented technologies to create Dry Mist. Using water and our specialist, low pressure technology we are able to achieve 25 micron or less droplet size, compared to the industry average of 100 micron. We are able to build conventional systems with conventional chemicals or gas, however, we are particularly focusing on some core points with our systems:

1.    Minimalising collateral damage,
2.    Safety for fire fighters & people in the fire environment,
3.    Environmentally friendly (avoiding the use of gases and chemicals),
4.    Flexibility & multi risk cover,
5.    Space saving by reducing amount of equipment required.

Jewel Fire Systems ground-breaking technology

Our Dry Mist System utilises low pressure, low volume water droplets at a miniscule 25 micron size, allowing maximum fire fighting capability by using a minimum amount of water.

The System extinguishes fire by using 3 seperate methods:
1. Flame cooling,
2. Removal of oxygen,
3. Elimination of free radicals.

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