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Product Datasheets

Jewel Saffire Products Ltd are proud to display their ever expanding portfolio of datasheets. Check back here often to see what has been added.

If there is a datasheet that you need that is not available here, please feel free to contact our sales team on 01709 703 223 or email us at:


Fire Extinguishers

ABC Powder Extinguisher Datasheet

AFFF Foam Extinguisher Datasheet

Anti-Magnetic 2Kg CO2 Fire Extinguisher Datasheet                                     

Aquaspray (Water Additive) Extinguisher Datasheet                

CO2 Extinguisher Datasheet

E-Series Portable Fire Extinguisher Datasheet

Polished Aluminium CO2 Datasheet

Refurbished CO2 Datasheet

Specialist Powder Datasheet

Stainless Steel Foam Extinguisher Datasheet            

Stainless Steel Water Extinguisher Datasheet                        

Water Extinguisher Datasheet

Wet Chemical Extinguisher Datasheet



Composite Plastic Stand Datasheet

Contractor Stand Datasheet

Evacuator Site Alarm Datasheet

Fire Blanket Datasheet

Fire Bucket Datasheet

Fire Document Cabinet Datasheet

Fire Escape Ladder Datasheet

Fire Logbook Book Datasheet

Fire Extinguisher Trolley Datasheet

Fire Extinguisher Cover Datasheet

Extinguisher Cabinet Datasheet

First Aid Kits Datasheets

GRP Stand Datasheet

Rotary Handbell Datasheet

Rotationally Moulded Extinguisher Stand Datasheet

Transport / Top Loading Box Datasheet

Transport Bracket Datasheet

Tubular Stand Datasheet


Spare Parts                                                            

CO2 Cartridges Datasheet

Extinguisher Hose Nozzle Datasheet

Foam / Water Extinguisher Diptube Datasheet

Hanging Brackets Datasheet

Hose Assemblies Datasheet

O-Ring Datasheet - Complete with O-Ring Sizes

Powder Extinguisher Diptube Datasheet

Safety Pins Datasheet

Tamper Seal Datasheet


Engineers Tools

Brass Adaptor Kit Datasheet

Digital Scale Datasheet

Jewel Saffire Service Spanner Datasheet

Nitrogen Regulator & Hose Datasheet

V-Clamp Extinguisher Servicing Clamp

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