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6L Water Available!

Jewel Saffire have launched their NEW 6L Plain Water extinguisher! Available now - call us on 01709 703 223.  0 Comments

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Follow Us On Twitter

Jewel Saffire now have an active twitter account. You can follow us @JewelSaffire  0 Comments

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Legionella Free Water Mist Fire Extinguisher

Jewel Saffire have received independent third party certification that our ground breaking new Water Mist extinguisher is legionella free.

Working in partnership with Euro Environmental Ltd in Doncaster an independent testing company and specialists in testing for legionella Jewel Saffire submitted samples of 1 Litre, 3 Litre and 6 Litre extinguishers in the water mist product range which were tested after 6 months and also 12 months. The results of both tests proved that the water in the extinguishers was free from legionella.

In a real fire situation the water turns to steam and will evaporate but some people express concerns for breathing in the fine water mist droplets if extinguishers are misused or used in none fire situations.

'This is an important part of our development of the water mist extinguisher and this testing process is on-going' explains Mike Ditanna Director Jewel Saffire. 'End users with particular concerns about legionella can now be re assured that after 12 months the products are free from Legionella and they can ask their service and maintenance providers to change the water during the annual service and maintenance inspection if they want peace of mind beyond 12 months'

For further information please contact Jewel Saffire at
Or Euro Environmental at  0 Comments

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South Coast University adopts revolutionary fire extinguisher.

South Coast University adopts revolutionary fire extinguisher.

A South Coast university has become among the first to take advantage of revolutionary new technology in fire extinguishers.
The British produced E-Series extinguisher, made by Nottinghamshire specialists, Jewel Fire, works on the basis of producing a super-fine mist as a way of extinguishing a range of fires, negating the need for any public place to carry multiple extinguishers.

The University of Sussex has now become the first UK University, with 52 installed and commission serviced by Pyrotec Fire Protection Ltd for its newly-constructed academic site in Brighton.
The University of Sussex facilities head of maintenance is Neil Troak. He said: 'Once we were introduced to the extinguisher and saw it perform in tests against all types of fire situations, there seemed little in our way in introducing the E-series as the extinguisher of choice here.
'The number one priority remains the safety of our 13,000 students and staff and this is an extinguisher we believe offers the quickest and simplest way to put out fires.

The fact that we were able to install one simple water mist extinguisher instead of the usual foam and carbon dioxide units in every location of the building presented substantial long-term cost savings for us.'

With the extinguisher now having passed a number of safety tests, including receiving its British Safety Standards Kite Mark, it is anticipated a number of other education establishments across the UK may follow suit.

It works in a similar way to traditional extinguishers, but produces a super-fine 'dry' mist to smother most types of fires, including chip pans and even electrical fires.
Keith Holmes, technical director at Jewel Fire, said: 'We are thrilled to see Sussex University share our vision of providing simplified, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly extinguisher solutions.'

'This has taken some time for us to develop, but we truly believe we have a product that will start to change the thinking behind common fire safety in public arenas, offices and workspaces up and down the country.'

Steve Kingsnorth, Managing director of Pyrotec Fire Protection Ltd introduced the University of Sussex to the new E-Series extinguisher. He said: 'The E-series will make a big impact on the fire safety on most buildings throughout the UK.

'As well as the long-term cost savings, eco-credentials play a major part too. The disposal of the previous foam and Co2 units, and their on-going service requirements, can be harmful to the environment. Water units like this carry no such concerns.'

Jewel Fire and its parent company, Jewel Saffire, is located just outside Nottingham and is one of the largest independent trade manufacturer of fire products in the UK.

For more information call 01709 703 223 or visit Here  0 Comments

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Hotel fire easily handled by new type of extinguisher

When fire broke out in The Snoozebox Marquee, a trained member of staff was able to quickly and safely put it out using a water mist fire extinguisher.

The fire started when the guest put a croissant inside a toaster. 'It was really too big for the toaster and soon caught fire,' explained Tom Dodson, Project Manager, Snoozebox.

'Fortunately we had equipped the marquee with a water mist fire extinguisher that safely smothered the flames without causing any damage to the room,which may have been the case if we had installed a foam or powder extinguisher. And amazingly, after we had it inspected and PAT tested, the toaster was put back into service!'
'Water mist extinguishers have a supersonic nozzle that disperses microscopic 'dry' water mist particles to suppress fires and extinguish burning materials quickly and easily,' explains Harry Dewick-Eisele, Managing Director of Safelincs, who supplied the product. 'They can be used on just about every type of fire and are 100% environmentally friendly, so there are no nasty fumes or residues to contend with and the water mist protects the user from heat.'

For further information about this particular case, please contact Safelincs at:  0 Comments

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Jewel Fire Systems' Dry Mist technology update.

UK manufacturer Jewel Fire Systems, a part of the Jewel Saffire Group launches its new patented Dry-Mist System. The system comprises of a hose reel, small tank of water and patented low pressure 25 to 100 Micron Dry Mist technology; the minute droplet size and low pressure provides a lengthy time of effective fire fighting using a small amount of water.

No water mains, pumps or pressure is required.

Our Range of systems are high-quality, utilising clean fire fighting technology and agents. All Our series ranges are designed for each application, and each customer.

Our Dry-Mist systems are designed for maximum effectiveness fire fighting without any compromise; minimising the impact of collateral damage after a fire - reducing the effects of lost revenue and business downtime.

Through the application of Dry-Mist to the affected area and using as little as 3l/min compared with standard sprinkler systems using between 40-100l/min makes our Dry-Mist technology not only unique, but ground-breaking.  0 Comments

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Fire extinguisher recycling

Do you recycle your old fire extinguishers? Do you know how to do this safely? Do you have the correct permit? Do you have waste transfer documentation?

It is all quite confusing so we've offered our own scrap collecting solution - Call our sales team and we can arrange for our own transport to collect your rubbish* - 0845 3305406.

*No Halon.  0 Comments

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Fire Systems - do you use them?

Jewel Saffire Products are in the process of launching our own range of fire systems. We are keen to hear from you as to which systems you use, which you love and which you loathe.

Please call us about our fire systems to find out more, we always appreciate customer feedback and would love to hear how we can improve on current market systems to help you.  0 Comments

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BAFE accreditation on our Extinguishers

Jewel Saffire Products is proud to boast our newly received BAFE accreditation on our full range of fire extinguishers.

Our refurbishing process in Nottingham has maintained a BAFE accreditation for many years proving our refurbished fire extinguishers are high quality, however to receive this on our new range of fire extinguishers proves we are constantly striving to improve and demonstrates the quality of these products.

To find out more about BAFE, what it means and why it is an important development please visit

What are your thoughts on the BAFE approval? Let us know!  0 Comments

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Andy Spence joins Jewel Saffire Products Ltd

Jewel Saffire is thrilled to announce that Andy Spence has joined our sales team!

Andy has worked for the likes of Thomas Glover for many years in the role of Business Development Manager, he joins our strong sales force this month.

Mike Ditanna, Sales Director "We are currently growing our sales team and are happy that Andy has joined our forward thinking company. We are confident that our customers will benefit from Andy's knowledge and customer service".

Have you worked with Andy in the past? What are your thoughts about his joining our team?  0 Comments

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Highest Fire Ratings in Europe!

Jewel Saffire Products has recently undergone further fire testing with BSI in Norwich. The stars of the testing were: 6Ltr Foam achieving 21A and 144B as well as 27A and 183B (FYI - TG have 21A and 144B rating). Our 3Ltr Foam also achieved 13A and 70B! These ratings are amoung the highest in Europe.  0 Comments

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Our new website

As a combined business Jewel Fire Products Ltd and Saffire Products Ltd are now Jewel Saffire Products Ltd. To keep you informed, udpated and in the know we've created a new website. This will grow with our customers and soon you will be able to order online, view deliveries, speak to the sales team, view PDFs and videos as well as much more. Tell us your thoughts on our new site!  0 Comments

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Jewel Saffire Exhibits at Firex 2009

To all our customers, we would love to see you at our stand G40, Hall 3 during the International Firex 2009. Meet our team, see our new product range and discuss your requirements.  0 Comments

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