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E-Series Fire Extinguisher

E-Series Flyer

Jewel Saffire Products appreciate the need to protect against  life-changing fires, swiftly and efficiently, without risk to property  or people.

We understand that losing equipment or property is a catastrophe, but to  have it destroyed by the suppression agent is equally undesirable; this  is why we pioneer only the most revolutionary fire suppression  technology.

A pioneer in the fire & safety industry, the E-Series hand-held fire extinguisher is the first of its kind.
Based upon innovative, Dry Water Mist technology, the ‘all-in-one’  E-Series Fire Extinguisher is capable of extinguishing the spectrum of  every-day fires res, including classes A, B, C, E, and F; a technology  unchallenged in the marketplace.

Revolutionary in the protection against multiple risks, the E-Series is  especially effective in the extinguishing of Class B (Liquid),  Electrical and Class F (Fat) Fires. Its patented Dry Water Mist  contamination-free agents are ideal for use in clean environments and  food production areas.

- 1L Capacity
- 3L Capacity
- 6L Capacity

Why Mist is one of the Safest Agents for a Fire Fighter to use:

The Dry Water Mist agent used in the E-Series fire extinguisher is non-toxic and safe for discharge in highly populated areas and where prolonged exposure is likely.

Once activated, the Mist prevents the fire from spreading by forming a  'mist curtain' around the fire source, protecting the surrounding area  and any personnel within the vicinity. By removing the oxygen and its  fuel source (free radicals) the fire calms and is extinguished; the  continued cooling effects of the mist prevent the fire from re-igniting.

The engineering behind the Dry Water Mist makes use of a significantly lower volume of water throughout the extinguishing process, removing the risk of water saturation or further collateral damage to the source area.

The E-Series operates at 12 bar pressure.



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